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The End is Near!

BigDog robots trot around in the shadow of an ...

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It won’t be very long now before the robots finally take over the world. They now have robots that can catch balls, a cheetah robot that can outrun any human, and robot “beast of burden” that can navigate any type of terrain. I guess until we do become subservient to the creatures we have created, we can take it in good humor, but does it become worrisome that whoever has these machines will eventually be able to impose their will on the rest of society?

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Computers for Everyone

a rasberry

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Want a computer for $25? Raspberry Pi is your answer.

Although it’s not really a usable computer for $25, if you have a keyboard and a television, then the Raspberry Pi board will allow you to have a functioning Linux machine for a low price.

At least that’s the idea, but at the moment, the only thing you can buy on their web site is Raspberry Pi stickers. Maybe slapping that on your television will make it run Linux.

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The People that Make it Happen

Trenching for a fiber optic installation in Wo...

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Today at the company where I work, there was a team of people installing fiber-optic cable to upgrade our network communications. I don’t think about it a lot and I think most people take for granted the network infrastructure that makes communication technology and the Internet possible.

We really owe it to the people who climb through the ceilings and floors and dig holes and lay cable and make sure everything is working correctly so that we can engage socially online and make our livings based on the work they do.


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